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Altos Stickers And Label Material

Stickers are extremely useful stationery components in daily use. They provide the ability to be written and customize as required, and their adhesive backs make them the perfect material to be places where need be.

As such, a number of other labeled or printed materials cannot serve the same purpose. A printout for example, will often be on plain paper and therefore not able to be attached where needed without the need for glue and tape. Often this means affecting the surface on which the poster or printed material is to be stuck, since both, glue and tape will leave marks or patterns.

Stickers on the other hand, do away with this need with a number of convenient features making them great for daily use. The usually stick on and come off very easily, in most cases without even the sign that they were ever there. Secondly, the ease with which they can be printed, plus the use of machines of this purpose saves a lot of time and money otherwise going into printing and attaching paper etc.

The wide range of sticker sticking strengths, surfaces, resistance to water and moisture etc, and their durability profiles mean there is a sticker type out there for any type of labeling need.

Altos Stickers And Label Material

Stickers And Main Uses

The easy to use and easy storage and mass production manners make stickers very attractive stationery items not just for school children, but also for industrial purposes.

In the packaging and retail industry, almost all products available for sale make use of stickers to mark the product and make packaging more attractive. The stickers also carry the specifics of the product, like expiry date, ingredients, and other key information.

For liquids and fumes that are dangerous for human interactions, such as those used in vaccinations or fumigation, the stickers provide labeling that will not react of be spoilt by the contents inside.

Stickers also provide a great way for businesses to be able to market themselves, so for example small companies that cannot afford to spend too much, can simply ass produce their stickers and spread them around.  Apart from this, instead of producing large banners for promotions every time, a store could chose to simply print the information and place it on the windows to attract onlookers.

For organizations and clubs that require a membership, stickers act not only as a proof of membership, but also enable security to tell whom to allow inside the premises.

Even beyond this, stickers can also serve valuable security purposes as they are marked according to the clearance received. For areas that only allow people with permission to enter, or places of employment, stickers on the car will act as security measures.Sticker Varieties Offered In Dubai

Altos Sticker Types

Altos provides the following types of stickers: