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Altos Magnetic Sheets

Altos Magnetic Sheets

A number of industrial applications that have to do with exhibition and display of either items in the pictured form, or by way of catalog or printed advertisement need the mode of attachment to be convenient and the material to be attached to be lightweight.

Securing Display Materials

For poster and banner materials for example, one of the foremost requirements is that they ought to be able to attach easily. If not, this can present a number of challenges, such as the ability to reach the decorated place time and time again.

Second, the displayed material is required to be secured to the wall involved as securely as possible. This may lead to the use of glues or tapes to bind them. Both of thee methods present a difficulty. The use of glues may bind the material too strongly, tarnishing the banner and the wall with sticky adhesive. Tapes on the other hand, although neater and more convenient, present the risk of tearing way too easily.

Fortunately, there is a recent addition to this ensemble, which combines many neatness and convenience factors into one simple package, made easier with the use of technology and customizability aspects.

Altos Magnetic Sheets And Rolls

Magnetic sheets are panels of paper that have been magnetized so that they can be used to attach the promotional or exhibition material to places. In their most basic form, they are uncoated and of the same color on both sides. The side to be attached is usually the one with the stronger magnetic force, while the front, where the promotional material is printed, has a weaker magnetic force.

Altos Magnetic sheets and rolls deliver a number of advantages making the product perfect for use in daily and special activities. These are available in a number of cost-effective varieties, and are very light, making them a breeze to transport or carry from one place to another.

Uses For Magnetic Sheets And Rolls

The versatility of printing abilities, the lightweight, and magnetic property makes the sheets perfect for use where the basic idea is the display of material.

Where there is a metal space available for promotional use, these can be great for placement, helped further by convenience factors. Glue or tape need not be used time and time again to make sure the material is held in place, or in fact, remains straight or aligned. The magnetic attachment force provides a neat and easy alternative for this.

The sheets are also often used for placement on vans and trucks, usually either for the company that owns the trucks to market itself, or when these vehicles are available for hire. The large size of the materials and the magnetic force make sure the banner stays in place even as the truck is driven on very high speeds.Magnetic Sheet Roll

Magnetic Sheet and Rolls Varieties


  • 500mm white gloss (70x100cm) sheet
  • 800mm white matt (70x100cm) sheet
  • 500mm white matt (70x100cm) sheet


  • 500mm white gloss (0.61x15m) roll
  • 1.5cm magnetic strip adhesive (12.5mmx30m) roll
  • 1.5cm magnetic strip plain (12.5mmx30m) roll