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Altos Trading Dubai Background

Our Products

It goes without saying that every single office or business in Dubai makes use of one kind of supplier or the other. In order to be able to run smoothly and avoid stumbling blocks, businesses in Dubai ought to be able to rely on consistency and high quality as far as their suppliers are concerned. Whether this is in terms of raw material, where the supplied products directly affect the workings of the business and core operations, or other ancillary products that facilitate the daily office work.

Without the adequate availability of the needed supplies, their high quality, and the supplier’s ability to match the demand, businesses would be pinched for time and may have to cut into the time that would otherwise be devoted to the core operations, to making sure this area is up to speed with requirements.

Altos Trading

This is where Altos Trading seeks to play an important role. We want to make it easier for businesses to have access to a consistent delivery of the required products and services, while ensuring a high grade of quality. The number of products we supply to offices are going to prove to be useful for workplaces and businesses that make a lot of use of high-end stationery and equipment.

Altos Trading Dubai Background

Scope Of Services

Our business was set up in Dubai in 1987 based on the computer and trading divisions, with a view to not only serve the needs of organizations in Dubai, but also other countries in the region.

Beyond Dubai, we also cater to the needs of organizations in the GCC region, the Asian subcontinent, and Africa from within our Dubai office, which includes visits depending on customer requirements.

Trading Division

The trading division is responsible for the trading and stocking of printing and paper use products, including PVC sheets, adhesive PET and paper sheets, rolls, polypropylene printing materials like banners, laminated posters and large backlit printed products, and different types of office equipment.

Computer Division

The computer division deals with some of the more technical aspects of our business. We make customized accounting software that can cover financial and auditing purposes for the bookkeeping needs of a business. The accounting software is put together under the supervision of Subramanian G., a qualified chartered accountant with the company.

The software can handle a number of business needs, including simple and advanced accounting mechanisms, the management of inventory and invoices, and other staple accounting needs.