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Altos Polypropylene Plastics

The Polypropylene

Plastics are one of the most versatile materials in the world owing to a number of useful characteristics and properties, along with their relatively cheap manufacturing and mass production processes. Even in comparison with several stronger or tougher materials such as steel and concrete, plastics now enable people and businesses across the world to avail a light and multipurpose material for countless purposes.

One of the most frequently used plastics in the world is polypropylene, which perhaps best personifies the advantages related to the use of plastics in any industry. Not only is the market for this plastic very large and spread across several major industries, it continues to expand at a rapid pace as more sophisticated processes and manufacturing drive the price of making the plastic down.

The plastic belongs to the branch of plastics known as polymers, and is used in numerous sectors, including packaging, clothing, stationery, plastic parts, and plastic furniture. Its durability and rigidity also makes it a useful item in the building and construction sector, which is perhaps the best testament to how solid it is.

Altos Polypropylene Best Features

Polypropylene is perhaps one of the few basic materials that have virtually no disadvantages of use, and even when there are there, are viewed as beneficial in some circles. The most attractive features of the plastic include:

  • Very rugged and resistant to several strong or corrosive acidic and chemical liquids.
  • Anti-fatigue properties, which are the measure of how vulnerable a plastic is to losing its newness through frequent use, make the plastic very good for use in packs and storing materials for food.
  • Impressively resists corrosion and is hardly vulnerable to the process of chemical leaching.
  • Strong build makes it very good for materials that need to be resistant to high impact and be used in situations that involve physical damage, such as harsh weather conditions and freezing

Possible Disadvantages Of Polypropylene

The smooth surface of the plastic means chances adhesives and glues meant to put a piece in place with another, or another material will not work, which is why pieces are joined by fusion. This is still viewed as an advantage in some circles, owing to the solidity of the bond.

Polypropylene Specifications And Varieties:

Altos Polypropylene Plastics

  • 500 micron WHITE
  • 800 micron WHITE
  • 500 micron OPALINE
  • 800 micron OPALINE
  • 1200 micron OPALINE
  • 220 micron IZI LIGHT (OFF WHITE COLOR)
  • 500 micron BLUE
  • 800 micron BLACK
  • 300 micron ORANGE
  • 300 micron PARROT GREEN
  • 300 micron DARK GREEN
  • 300 micron LIGHT BLUE
  • 300 micron ROYAL BLUE