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Most people and businesses that often make use of stationary and similar products often require a choice that is not only durable and of high quality, but can also provide certain added advantages, including multipurpose use, resistance to things like water, moisture and dirt, and overall attractive features and appearance for the best presentation.

The clear PVC sheet is one of the materials that tick all the right boxes, and its durability makes it ideal for repeated and long-term use. Its clear appearance makes it perfect for use in a number of dealings, exhibiting simplicity. The vast number of useful practical features means the sheets can be used for a number of purposes not just around the office, but perhaps outside as well.

The sheets come in a number of variants to suit all kinds of office and industrial needs, and not just in the clear form, but also the frost design, for those who need a clear yet non-revealing material.

Clear PVC Sheet Specifications and Varieties:Clear PVC Sheets

  • 100 micron
  • 150 micron
  • 175 micron
  • 200 micron
  • 250 micron
  • 300 micron (51x100cm)
  • 300 micron 2P
  • 500 micron 2P
  • 500 micron matt/gloss
  • 700 micron 2P
  • 750 micron 2p
  • 1000 micron 2p
  • 1200 micron 2p (1.2x2.4m- 8x4ft)

Frost PVC Sheet Specifications and Varieties:Altos Trading PVC Sheets

  • 200 micron
  • 250 micron
  • 300 micron
  • 300 micron (51x100cm)
  • 300 micron (51x29cm)
  • 500 micron
  • 500 micron (51x100cm)
  • 700 micron
  • 700 micron (51x100cm)
  • 1000 micron
  • 1000 micron (51x100cm

Features Of PVC Sheets And Materials

PVC (poly vinyl chloride) sheets are one of the most widely used forms of plastic materials. They have a number of features that make them good for not only office and school uses, but also a nice choice for industrial purposes.

The PVC sheets material is fairly lightweight, especially compared to how durable and resistant to most daily forms of impact it is. Its expanded form, which is the most demanded form, can be cut into the required shapes and sizes, or altered to fit the required use easily. Modifications in the form of painting, coloring, marking, labeling, and lamination are also very easy thanks to the highly compatible texture and build of the plastic.

One of the most useful features for everyday use regardless of where this is, is the material’s waterproof and chemical resistant properties, which help ensure the materials stored inside also remain protected when this sheet is used. The surface also has an exterior that makes it easy to wipe and keep clean.