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Altos Trading Color PVC Sheets

PVC (poly vinyl chloride) sheets are an extremely attractive and diverse use material for the office and the home. Because of their multipurpose nature and an exterior that embodies longevity, their use is very common in establishments that require a strong plastic material for storage or covering paper or other sensitive materials.

The plastic has a number of properties that makes it excellent for use in things that seek to protect of cover other materials. For example, the plastic is totally waterproof, which means paper and paper products can easily be stored or wrapped inside, without the worry about damage. Other materials that could be protected include water-sensitive materials placed outdoors, such as wooden furniture, or broken rooftops, which need to be protected from the sun, heat and water.

The color PVC sheets come in numerous useful variants to serve both, industry and business, and a number of solid and simple colors for special presentation requirements.

Color PVC Sheet Specifications And Varieties:

  • Altos Trading Color PVC Sheets300 micron red
  • 200 micron blue
  • 200 micron black
  • 200 micron yellow
  • 200 micron red
  • 200 micron parrot green (97x56cm)
  • 300 micron yellow
  • 300 micron black
  • 500 micron black matt
  • 500 micron red matt
  • 500 micron yellow
  • 500 micron black gloss
  • 800 micron yellow matt
  • 800 micron red matt
  • 1000 micron black matt

White Gloss PVC Sheet Specifications And Varieties:

  • 200 micron
  • 300 micron
  • 400 micron
  • Color PVC Sheet500 micron
  • 500 micron (70x120cm)
  • 700 micron
  • 1000 micron

White Matt Sheet Specifications And Varieties:

  • 100 micron
  • 200 micron
  • 200 micron milky white matt
  • 300 micron
  • 500 micron
  • 700 micron

The availability of numerous attractive colors including black gloss and matt, and white gloss and matt and white gloss and matt comes with special plastic properties that make color PVC sheets a staple stationary item.

The thin overall profile of the plastic and its lightweight character make it very good for use in makeshift signs and displays at organizations that often need to showcase some aspect of their service for them to be sold, such as the way a certain pattern of flooring would turn out for a flooring company.

The tough and rugged texture and feel makes it very easy to keep clean and keeps maintenance cost and time to the lowest. Compared to other PVC materials that do not come in the sheet variety, the sheets are very light, and present an impressive anti-flammable profile for a plastic.