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What Does A DMC Do?

A destination management company GCC is an organization that manages any event out of your city or country, especially in the Gulf region. It is hired by an event management company if their clients wish to organize a program on a global scale. A DMC includes industry professionals that know how to handle large scale projects and accidents with finesse.

A DMC Is Hired When

  • An event planner has no proper idea about the services available in that city and must rely on local contacts like the DMC.
  • A DMC will know which services to hire for good quality results. They will know which vendors are the best and with the most reasonable prices. An experienced DMC will assure you that there will be no drop in the quality of the services provided to the client.

Destination Management Company‚Äč

Functions of A DMC

Now that we know that a DMC arranges for local services, let us know what parts of the planning come under the management of the DMC.


This includes making a schedule and followed it through without any delays. The staff knows how to handle any delays or confusion. Logistics also includes arranging for cars for pick-up and drop at the airport and hotel.

Supplier Management

As mentioned before, the DMC is sure to know all the local services. It is responsible for hiring services like car rentals for pick up and drop, caterers for snacks and other meals, etc. They are the ones that select local businesses and negotiate with them for a good price.


As the DMC selects services to hire, it also takes care of the costs and keeps records of vendors and costs to show to their clients.

A DMC’s major function is to organize a large-scale event like a corporate meeting or an auction or a gala. A DMC also has contacts that help to get services at an affordable prices. A DMC is especially useful while planning an event in a country whose first language is different than yours.

Design for Event


A destination management company Dubai plans the course of the program, books the venue and organizes fun extracurricular activities carefully. In some cases, they also cover the decor aspect of the event i.e. they design the look of the event and hire services to set it up.

A DMC provides support to the event planner in a new location. Because of their expansive administration, they have high quality equipment to ensure a successful event. We hope we cleared any doubts about DMCs and how they work. Thanks for reading!