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Watch the Sunset in the Desert​

Picture the sun slowly disappearing below the horizon with orange hues covering the evening sky. The sunset desert safari in Dubai provides a memorable experience and the chance to view this amazing spectacle. You could decide to view it with a loved one or family as you take lovely photos with the setting sun as your backdrop.

Sunset Desert Safari in Dubai

What to Expect During Your Sunset Desert Safari

During your desert safari, you can go dune bashing, enjoy belly dancing performances coupled with local Emirati cuisine. You could also chill out in the land cruiser as you take in the panoramic view all around you. The first thing you do in the desert safari is a shortstop. You will have a photo session during this stop where you will also have the chance to appreciate just how magnificent the desert is. After that, the drivers move to the campsite; you will rest as you watch the stars in clear night sky.

The sunset can be enjoyed with family or a loved one as you rekindle the flames of love. It is an awesome way to connect with nature. At the campsite, you will have a chance to watch the belly dancers. Later on, you may hop back into the 4x4 for some extra dune bashing. Later on, you can drive back to camp where you can watch more live performances by belly dancers. At the BBQ, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals will be served. The cuisine is inspired by local Emirati culture. Once the dance performance and the tasty meal is over, you are transported back at a location where you were picked.

The Sunset in the Desert

What to Expect

Drivers pick you from the location of your choice within the city. It can be at a mall, airport, or even a residence within the city. Besides the dune bashing, there is also sandboarding, which is equivalent to surfing the sand. Unlike the sea, however, there is no risk of drowning. It is part of why it is so enjoyable. You could also decide to take a walk during your safari to reconnect with nature. Soft drinks, tea, and snacks are also offered during the trip. Other special offers that can be arranged include dune buggy or quad bike riding for a thrill on the sand. There is also an option to enjoy some alcoholic beverages if you make a request. Pickups and drop-offs are done at pre-determined venues. The drivers are professional, and they are always on time.

Sunset tours are among the most popular tours that we offer. The pick-up takes place around 4 PM in a land cruiser. You will be fully protected from the elements since the well-maintained 4x4 vehicles feel exactly like being in a conditioned hotel room. Once in the dunes, you will have about 40 minutes to enjoy bashing before you later go camping. However, dune-bashing session can be extended if you find it enjoyable.

Have you always wanted to enjoy a meal with a loved under the Dubai night sky? A sunset desert safari in Dubai is the perfect way to achieve this. The sunset safari is an excellent way for you and your family to connect and grow the bonds that bind you.