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Various Relocation Services Offered by Movers and Packers

Packing and Moving Company Offers

Moving within a city is challenging enough and is actually a time taking and stress-full job, therefore, the basic service of a packing and moving includes providing moving and packing services to the customers including assembling, packing, transportation and movement of your belongings to the other premises in Dubai to make your shifting experience smooth and stress-free. The movers and packers Dubai moving services ensure safe transportation and placement of your items within a specified delivery time. So, these amazing services are just a call away.

Give a call and you will receive a form from the company for the assessment of the volume of luggage and decide how to allocate the resources in order to meet your needs. Moreover, the services also include international relocation of your items to the far and wide. The company also offers extra services like house cleaning services, disposing of rubbish and unwanted items and offers maid services as well. If you need to get your furniture repaired, we can send the required resource to cater to your special need. For the local customers, our services are greatly customized and vary according to the customer’s needs.

Office Relocation Services

Office Relocation Service is a very daunting task because it requires transportation of the very important and confidential documents and also the movement of the very heavy office equipment which need extra care and caution to be placed. We also offer tailor-made office relocation services ensuring smooth and timely relocation so that your work may not be affected due to the workplace shifting. Corporate relocation services include various value-added services which include;

  • Packing and Relocating all the equipment
  • Managing Documents
  • Disconnection and Reconnection of all modes of communication.
  • Disposal of unwanted items.
  • Site Cleaning.
  • Providing storage units
  • Packing of workstations

KK MoverStorage Services

Sometimes it becomes necessary to put your belongings somewhere during relocation and get them accessed whenever you want. We provide reliable and cheap services which not only cost reasonable but also keep your belongings safe in our custody. We have premium warehouses containing storage units which are easily accessible and can be booked on flexible term and condition featuring low rates.

The storage facility includes drawers, cabinets and other storage units with varied sizes and designs specially designed keeping in mind the varying needs.

The storage facility includes short-term as well as a long-term storage facility. The long-term facility is specially introduced for those who are moving abroad for a long time and want to keep their belongings safe and secure. As the items are stored for a longer time period, the packing involves more attention and effort and the careful placement of the items.

Short term storage facility offers a storage facility if you want to store your items for a short period of time. It is useful for people who are temporarily living in a hotel or temporary accommodation and going to be shifted to a new place.

Source: www.kkmover.com