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Understanding Cloud Computing and Its Benefits

In layman terms, cloud computing is the practice of storing data and programs on an online server instead of your computer's hardware. Businesses can transfer the burden of data and application management from their internal setup to a service provider. Almost two decades ago, Salesforce became the first company to offer SaaS over the internet. Over the years, several companies have developed their own cloud computing techs. Businesses can now acquire a personalized and dedicated cloud-based hardware specifically designed to meet their organizational needs. Alternatively, you can also choose to utilize ready-made solutions such as Dropbox for your immediate needs. The rise in popularity of cloud computing has seen an increase in IT maintenance companies that offer specialized solutions in this field. Listed below are some of the key benefits of cloud computing.

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Choose Your Own Model

Cloud computing is available in three distinct models; SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. SaaS (software as a service) enables organizations to utilize relevant online applications via subscription rather than purchasing the same for different users. PaaS (platform as a service) provides organizations with all the necessary tools and materials to develop their own applications. IaaS (infrastructure as a service) allows users to install apps and operating systems by providing them with the virtualized or physical computer.

It’s Reliable

Downtime can cost your organization a lot of money. Companies lose tens of thousands and even millions during downtime. To avoid this, you need to find an IT solution. Conventional on-site IT solutions may sound more reliable. However, in practice, reputable cloud computing providers can help to ensure a shorter downtime. A cloud computing provider may offer your organization uptime guarantees of up to 99.9%.

It Does Provide Added Security

Keeping sensitive data secure is something no company should overlook. And in case you lose any confidential information, you can always recover it from your cloud network. Business operators also have the freedom to delete the data remotely to avoid any crucial information from falling into the wrong hands.

Does Help to Save Money

For one, cloud computing has a relatively lower initial cost. If your company is new and does not already have a developed IT infrastructure, you can cut the costs by utilizing this service. Servers are expensive. Running and maintaining them is even more costly. You should opt for cloud computing if you prefer a long-term, cost-effective solution.

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It is Adaptive to Organizational Changes

Is your company evolving? Well, if it is, then you need to utilize cloud computing. Its ability to scale up with the company without necessarily tying down resources to irrelevant applications is what makes it unique. On-site solutions require significant investments to scale up, making cloud computing the best option for the foreseeable future.