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Tips for First-Time Drivers in Dubai

In case it is your first time to rent a car in Dubai, there are some essential things you need to know. Just as is the case in every country, Dubai has some rules and regulations you need to follow when driving. If you violate any traffic rile, you are liable for an offence, and you may end up being fined or worse still you may end up being banned from driving on the Dubai roads for a year. So, which rules should you never break while driving a rented car on the Dubai roads?

The Basic Rules

Which is the first lesson you get when learning to drive? Any driver knows that you first have to understand the road signs before you are allowed on the road. In Dubai, it is essential to have at least some knowledge of the most basic road signs available. If you plan to extend your stay in Dubai, you should learn to read all the possible road signs. There are some basics you should know. For example, if the sign is in blue, it indicates routes you use to move away from the city. If it’s in green, then it means routes you use to navigate the city. If you stumble upon a brown sign, there is most probably a place of interest like a tourist destination or a hospital, etc.

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Also, you should know that there are speed restrictions within the city. What’s interesting about Dubai is the fact that you can not only get a fine for over speeding, you may also be fined for driving too slow. The highways may have a minimum speed limit of 100kmph, meaning if you go less than 100, you are liable for a fine. Others have a 60kph minimum speed limit. If you also go above the maximum speed limit for a certain road, you will also be fined.

The Tricky Restrictions

Dubai has been a reputation for being a clean city. And to make this possible, the officials have come up with stringent rules regarding dumping. Throwing anything off your car in Dubai is illegal. If you trash the streets from your car, you can be fined as much as 1000 AED. If you are travelling with your child, there also some rules regarding where they should sit. Any kid below 13 years should not sit on the back seat. And for kids between 4 to 8 years, a booster seat should be installed in the car.

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Also, you are not supposed to overlap any car on the road. What this means is that you should never overtake any vehicle in the right-hand side. With all this information, you can easily drive in the Dubai roads. All this knowledge may be irrelevant if you cannot drive in Dubai. For you to be eligible, you must have either a valid Dubai driver license for a Dubai resident. For a non-resident, you are required to have an international driver’s license. If you are eligible, then companies like Speedy Drive Car Rental can make your dream of driving in Dubai a reality.