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Must-have Equipments in a Simultaneous Interpretation System

The UAE has one of the highest populations of immigrants in any country. This is because UAE businesses often offer high salaries to foreign workers, so they can stock their offices with the absolute best in the industry.

Because the country has such a high expat population, simultaneous interpretation system Dubai is always in high demand. It can be found in conference rooms, museums, and even on tour buses. If you’re searching for a simultaneous interpretation system in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, you should be sure to go with one that contains all the necessary equipment. If a system is missing even one piece of necessary equipment, all other pieces are rendered useless.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

The Perfect Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Setup

If you rent a simultaneous interpretation system, your provider should supply you with all the necessary equipment. A complete simultaneous interpretation system should include the following:

Multiple Microphones

A robust simultaneous interpretation system should include multiple microphones. The number of microphones needed will vary depending on the number of interpreters’ present. Be sure to tell your supplier how many interpreters you are expecting before agreeing on a price. They will craft a system based on your estimation. It is important to remember that simultaneous interpretation requires specialized microphones, so you should never just assume you can use regular microphones obtained elsewhere.


Even if you are hosting a conference in a hall with its own sound system, you should rent speakers from an authorized supplier of simultaneous interpretation equipment. Outside speakers may be prone to interference and interception, making them unsuitable for a multilingual conference.


Headsets are a crucial part of any simultaneous interpretation system. Your guests require them in order to hear the interpreter’s translation of what has been said. Without them, even the most expensive simultaneous interpretation system is worthless.

Control Panel

Control Panel

The control panel is the heart of any simultaneous interpretation system. It is important to remember that control panels can be quite difficult to navigate and so require the presence of a professional engineer. In most cases, an engineer will be provided by the company you rent from. If not, you should secure one yourself. You should never attempt to operate the control panel without adequate training.

What About A Booth?

Simultaneous interpretation generally requires an interpreter to be isolated in a booth. Because simultaneous interpretation is so common in the UAE, many conference rooms and lecture halls feature built-in booths for interpreters. If your room does not have a booth already installed, you will have to obtain a portable one. Most suppliers of simultaneous interpretation equipment will also provide you with a booth upon request.