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Let us Get to Know Ballroom Dancing Better

The Ballroom Dancing is a very popular partner dance form which is originally practised in Europe and the United States. Historically this dance form was distinguished from the Folk or country dance as it was associated with the Elite Class and with the invitational dance events. Now, this dance form is practised globally and has virtual practitioners present in all segments of society.

Different Styles of Ballroom Dancing:

From 19th Century, Waltz and Polka (part of Standard ballroom dances), from 20th Century the fox-trot, the two-step, and the tango became very popular. Some Other popular dance forms - such as Swing dancing, Charleston, Mambo, Twist have also been considered as a Ballroom Dance in the tradition’s history. Below are details of some of the more common ballroom dancing types practised globally:

Slow waltz – The most basic movements of waltz include a step for every beat of the music. This is a very graceful form of Ballroom Dance and requires discipline, as the dancers move and grooves to the sound of traditional waltz music across the floor.

Tango – Tango is an elegant Argentine couple dance form, is basically a very heated and sensuous dance form that shows aggressive desire and is set to high tempo music.

Rumba - Rumba is an extremely popular Latin dance, especially renowned for its sensual slow moves and hip movements. It requires great hips motions and swaying as the dancer rhythmically bends and straightens their knees.

Jive - Jive has quick turns and overhead moves. The dancers slide and glide across the floor while jiving. This energetic dance form can certainly be an option and a must try for the energetic ballroom dancer.

Ballroom Dancing

Fitness benefits of ballroom

Ballroom dancing helps you achieve a better body that starts with the fundamentals of exercise. Dancing is a purely fun way of building strength in the legs as it involves moves and steps.
Fitness benefits therefore include:

A stronger heart – A Regular ballroom dancing leads to a slower heart rate, that helps you to maintain lower blood pressure and a balanced cholesterol level. As it requires a good amount of flexible movements, it eventually happens to be a great workout for the cardiovascular system.

Burns calories - Ballroom dance is quite renowned among the fitness lovers as it is a great way of burning calories, a one-hour session burns around 800 calories, that mainly depends on the intensity of the dance.

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