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How Boutique Cafes Help Freelancers to be More Productive

There has been a drastic increase in the number of people who prefer to work from home over the last few years. Writers, designers, and IT professionals prefer the comfort of their own laptop or work desk. While the prospect of working from home is an enticing idea, it is not always easy to stay on top of your game while working alone. Working from your home can bring with it several distractions and can end up hurting your productivity severely. Recent studies and research have pointed to the fact that working in an environment such as Café can help you to become more competitive and productive. Let’s look at some of the major reasons as to why you should work in a Café.

Working from a Cafe

Work environment

Humans are social animals who are primarily influenced by their environment. At home, freelancers are more so isolated from the outside world, and this might make them complacent with their work hours. When working from a café or coffee shop, where everyone around them is working hard or up to something, we also tend to replicate the same, and hence productivity increases. Also, one can find other freelancers and get inspiration from their work ethic.

It’s Good if it’s Loud!

Studies have shown that a certain amount of noise in the environment can help to bring forth creativity than a quiet one. Due to the voice in the background, the analytical and other parts of the brain go quiet, which forces creative ideas from our mind. This can be helpful for freelancers as they have to show their creative side in every project to satisfy their client.

New Ambience

A boutique coffee shop offers an entirely different environment than what freelancers are used to at home. Our mind responds positively when we meet new people, places, and colors; this can help to improve the efficiency of your job. Most cafes and coffee shops do have a positive vibe which can prove helpful for your situation.

Visual Bustle & Productivity

Similar to a noisy environment, a change in scenery can also cause a surge in productivity and efficiency. When the human eyes observe the vibrant work environment within a café, it collects the new information and starts to work on it. The continuous influx of new data subconsciously causes our mind to work more efficiently and productively.

Favorite Arabic Dessert

The Coffee Itself

At last, working from a café and coffee means you’ll be served with a hot cup of coffee or delicious treats as and when you want them. Research has shown that Caffeine can indeed help to increase productivity and efficiency. It can also uplift your mood as it helps the brain to generate stress-releasing hormones such as endorphins. This, coupled with your favorite Arabic dessert, can keep you brimming with energy.