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Four Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Car in Dubai

You will indeed be better off getting around UAE by car than any other means of transport. Even if you are tourist or resident in the Emirate, a car is a must for hassle-free day-to-day travels. But if you are visiting the city, renting a car will better serve this purpose. However, unlike other cities in the world, there are plenty of things that should be aware of before signing a car hire dubai marina contract in the Emirate. Here are four essential aspects you must know before talking to a rental company.

Car Hire

Rules and Regulations

Pay close attention to the laws which you must adhere to while driving on Dubai roads. For instance, you need to be over 18 years of age to drive a car in the UAE. Also, you need to be at least 21 years old to rent a car from an agency. Besides, renting an SUV or similar vehicle can only be done by a person who is at least the age of 25 years.

Driving Permit

If you do not come from either the US, UK, or Canada or from countries that form the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), you will be required to obtain an International Driving Permit. GCC countries include Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. So, if you don’t come from those countries mentioned above, you must obtain a permit from the country which issued you with the driving license.

Deposit and Insurance

Most rental agencies in the UAE require you to make a security deposit before they provide you with their vehicle. The company uses the security deposit to pay for fines you accumulate during the rental period; this may, at times, take several days before they are recorded. You also need to check if the company has included CDW insurance in the price charged. Most companies do cover it, but those that rent cars below the market price exclude the charge.

Deposit and Insurance

Rental Policies

You must read the fine print in detail before signing on the dotted line with the rental agency. The terms and conditions listed on there will determine how you will relate with the company. Check out how much more money you will need to pay if you don’t return the car on the agreed date and time. Also, check what it says about scratches or defects on the vehicle when it is being returned. It is the only way that will absolve you from hidden charges and other anomalies upon returning the car.