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Five Things Your Fitness Trainer Will Not Tell You

Indeed, professional relationships are a bit awkward. Not seeing results after lots of efforts have been exerted in the fitness class is flat out disappointing. Still, professionalism requires that there is a limit to what your private fitness trainer can say. Aside from rare cases where a person’s health deters them from achieving their fitness goals, the problem often lies with the client. A few changes in lifestyle, dietary habits, and intensity of the workout session are sure to help in attaining one’s fitness goals. Your fitness trainer knows this, but if not solicited for, he or she would not tell you. The following parts of this article will help you look into the mind of your fitness trainer to know what he/she thinks!

Fit Your Diet

That Is Not an Injury

Sometimes, you feel like you have pushed your body too hard. You think you deserve a break because of a burning sensation you feel. And you take one also! Your fitness trainer wants to tell you that a little pain is not an excuse to not go further. But that might come off as harsh, so he/she would not.

Stop Lying

Your fitness trainer is not a genie. However, he is very likely to know when you are not straight about your eating habits. You end up stressing everyone when you refuse to come out clean about how much you are eating. When you do, you would be sure to see better results. Your trainer could help adjust your strategies to fit your diet.

Change Your Sports Gear

Admittedly, it would be very awkward if your fitness trainer was to tell you that you needed to buy new sports gear. But honestly, those old shoes might be why your ankles and back are hurting. Express your commitment by investing in better sports gear.

Don't Use Your Phone

Don’t Use Your Phone

Your fitness trainer hates that all you do during gym sessions is taking pictures and picking up calls. Put that phone down! If you are committed to enhancing your fitness, focus on doing just that.

Don’t Waste Time

Gym sessions have a specific run time. The intensity and effect of a workout session will depend on how much you do. Those little breathers you seem to take every other minute are not necessary. Invest your time in this.

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